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  • What does ZAPT do?
    ZAPT is an on-demand moving and delivery app, connecting consumers with a network of background checked Pros. With ZAPT you can move a whole house, a few items, or just get some help unloading your truck or mobile storage unit.
  • Does ZAPT require an hourly minimum?
    ZAPT offers both “flat rate” and hourly pricing. "Labor only" jobs do require a one hour minimum, however flat rate jobs are charged by the job and do not require a minimum.
  • How do I get my ZAPT Price Quote?
    Use the ZAPT App online at to get a price quote or to book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also call 888-ZAPTNOW to speak with a ZAPT Specialist who can help you maximize your budget and plan your move.
  • How do I schedule a Task with ZAPT?
    The same way you received your quote, by visiting or by calling 888-ZAPTNOW.
  • How do I pay for my Task?
    Zapt accepts all major credit and debit cards. Zapt does NOT accept cash or check.
  • Is the ZAPT payment processing system secure?
    Yes, ZAPT processes all payments with Stripe, a secure industry leading payment processor. Your Card data is encrypted, and is never stored by ZAPT.
  • Can I pay for my Task after its done?
    No, all tasks must be paid at booking. If your task exceeds $500, you can pay a 50% deposit at booking and the balance will be collected 2 days before your task.
  • What if I need to make changes to my Task, such as the day, time, or complexity?"
    Call your ZAPT Specialist at 888-ZAPTNOW x2. Changes can be made without penalty, including complete cancellation, as long as it occurs by midnight on the day before your Task.
  • Can ZAPT pack my items for me?
    Yes. ZAPT is partnered with a number of credible and qualified packing companies and can include packing services during your booking.
  • Can my ZAPT Pro Disassemble and Reassemble my Furniture?
    Yes we can! Just indicate that you require “Assembly/Disassembly” during the booking process and it shall be done.
  • Moving is super stressful. Think of your Zap Specialist as your personal "move" assistant who is there to answer questions and help you schedule and complete your move.
  • Will my ZAPT Pro be on time, and how will I know?"
    Yes! ZAPT values your time. You will receive a text notification when your ZAPT Pro’s are on the way, when they arrive, and when your task is complete. With ZAPT, you have total visibility to every stage of your Task, from beginning to end.
  • Where is my stuff?
    You will receive a GPS link when your ZAPT Pro begins your task. Open your GPS link and track your stuff at any time!
  • Can I trust a ZAPT Pro with my stuff?
    All ZAPT Pro’s have undergone a criminal background screening and rigorous training process.
  • What happens if my stuff gets damaged?
    Our ZAPT Pro’s take great care of your belongings, but sometimes accidents do happen. ZAPT insures your items up to $50,000.00, and provides a $2 Million liability and property damage policy.
  • I'm at a wholesale club and want to buy a couch and I drive a Prius, what do I do?"
    Just go to the ZAPT app, select “Retail Delivery”, answer a few questions and have it ZAPT straight to your house.
  • Does ZAPT charge more for "Same Day" service?"
    Yes, ZAPT charges a premium of between 30% - 50% for same day service. If your task is urgent, we can do it, but if you want to save money, book for the next day or later to save.
  • I own a retail store and would like to offer "On Demand Delivery" to my customers, can I use ZAPT?"
    Visit and click “Commercial” or contact a ZAPT Commercial Specialist at 888-ZAPTNOW x3
  • Can I tip my ZAPT Pro?
    Absolutely, tips are encouraged for great service. Tipping is not supported in the application so be sure to have some cash on hand if you intend to tip your mover.
  • How much will my Task cost?
    The cost of moves vary by day, time and day of the week. We are an "on demand" business so we try to find a good balance between supply of movers and demand of work. Moves late at night cost a bit more because there are less Movers on duty, moves during mid-day during the week, toward the beginning of the month cost less than those on the weekend at the end of the month.
  • Can I contact my ZAPT Pro?
    Yes, you can contact them and they can contact you. The system is designed to "mask" your real number and vice versa, maintaining the privacy of both our customers and our movers.
  • Can I see my ZAPT Pro on a map, so I know their location during my task?"
    Yes. As soon as a ZAPT Pro accepts your task, you will be sent a GPS notification to view their progress. You will be able to view their progress throughout the task.
  • Can a ZAPT Pro pick up items for me at the store?
    Yes, we have a range of vehicle types from SUV's and Sedans up to large Commercial Trucks. If you want something delivered from the store, we will match your delivery up with the appropriate vehicle size as to keep cost down and you will receive your goods at home.
  • Can I rate my ZAPT Pro?
    Yes, you will be given an opportunity to rate your mover on a scale of 1-5 at the conclusion of your Move.
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