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Zapt Moving Guide

Ready to start planning your move?

Zapt has laid out this helpful guide to get you prepared for as much as possible. Let’s start by breaking everything down to make it your move more manageable.

Donate, sell, store, or throw out everything you don’t want moved.

Remember to ask Zapt about helping you move your unwanted items to the donation house, your storage facility, or the dump.

Try to plan to save a parking spot for the movers to park in front of both locations.

Notify people and businesses about your new address.

Get packing supplies: Boxes, Tape, Paper, Bubble wrap, etc.

Ask your Zapt agent about our 10 free boxes special to help you get a jump start on gathering your packing supplies.

Insure any high-value items in advance of the move.

Label your boxes as you pack to make it easier to identify which room, they go in.

Note any scratches or dents in your furniture before your movers arrive.

Drawers can be left in dressers to take up less space on the truck.

Double-check that all items are removed from any appliances you are having moved.

After your Zapt Pro has the truck all loaded up, do a final walk-through to make sure all rooms, closets, and cabinets are clear, and you have all the items your moving with.

The key to a simple moving experience is staying calm and organized. If you take the time to plan before your move, things will go smoother and you’ll be less stressed the day of the move.

Packing doesn’t have to be overwhelming; you can keep it simple with a little planning.

Set goals: 1 room a day will give you enough time to have everything boxed up and ready to go. Budget more for any rooms with fragile items. Remember the heavier the item, the smaller the box.

One box per room will make it easier when it comes to organizing your new home.

Your Zapt movers will load boxes first, so stage them in the most accessible room to make loading the truck easier for your movers.

Close doors in any rooms that are packed up so your movers know that room is finished and can keep the flow going without adding time to your move.

Make sure your movers have easy access to your home at both locations.

Secure parking as close to the house or apartment as possible.

Now that you have these tips at your disposal, you should be all set for your hassle-free Zapt moving experience.

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