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Successful Closings End with an Easy Move
ZAPT for Realtors is a dependable and flexible solution that creates a frictionless Moving process with No Penalty Cancellation, Move Financing and Moving Operations support. 
of closing dates change from their scheduled date which requires your buyers to reschedule, or cancel, their move. This almost always comes at a rescheduling cost, potentially leaving buyers without a dependable moving solution. 
ZAPT for Realtors provides the most flexible terms in the industry, allowing customers to cancel or reschedule"day of" in the event of a closing delay.
Cash Flow
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While ZAPT cannot reduce closing costs, we can reduce the "cost hurdle" that your buyer faces by enabling a "pay over time" solution for their move-in!
ZAPT has partnered with finance leader, Affirm, Inc., to enable consumers to pay over time in 3, 6, and 12 month installments. The typical cost for moving a 3 bedroom home can range between $1,500 - $3,000+. Installment payments greatly reduce the cash crunch at closing.
Trust and Safety
Your reputation is everything, which is why background checked, professional movers should be the standard and not just a benefit. 
ZAPT performs background checks on 100% of its PRO Movers, including criminal and DMV screening at the County and Federal levels.
Realtor Rewards!
Throughout the home buying process you develop a great deal of trust with your buyer. We understand the value of a trusted referral, and want to show our appreciation.
ZAPT has developed Realtor Rewards which allows referring Realtors to win prizes on a monthly basis and at the end of the year!
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