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Your on-demand logistics solution.

ZAPT is a complete on-demand final mile logistics solution that is used by retailers, distributors, warehouse operators, home staging providers, multi-family property and self-storage operators. 

Platform Capabilities
  • Customized administration UI's to simplify your workflow
  • Instant task sizing and scoring
  • ERP integration with Point of Sale and Inventory management platforms
  • Task <> PRO sizing and matching
  • Multi-variant product cube/weight fulfillment
  • Real-time SMS and Email messaging
  • Real-time GPS visibility to Pros while they are performing your tasks
  • Customization around your unique industry workflow
  • Integration with your BPM workflow; email, mobile, and calendar programs
  • Integrated accounting
  • B2B2C capabilities
  • Dispatch to over 2,000 contractors and on-demand networks
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